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Nord/LB Analysis: Health Economy in the Baltic Sea Region


ScanBalt Forum 2014 Active and Healthy Ageing, 8th - 10th Oct (Groningen): Reserve the date!

The Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) invites you to participate at the 2014 ScanBalt Forum, that will take place from 8-10 October in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Netherlands. As an EU reference region for Active and Healthy Ageing this year’s congress will be focused on the scientific and bio-economic aspects of the demographic change that take place in Northern Europe.


Flyer ScanBalt Forum 2014

Join ScanBalt BioRegion project consortia or propose new topics

On the picture: Members of ScanBalt met January 2014 in Tallinn to plan future project consortia.

ScanBalt BioRegion and the EUSBSR flagship ScanBalt HealthRegion are establishing project consortia directed towards Horizon2020, the Baltic Sea Region programme and other funds. 

The focus is on MedTech, Health and Bio Economy together with horizontal issues such as innovation, cluster development, internationalisation, communication and talents. For an overview of the consortia currently being discussed please look at project consortia. Read more here.

An important objective is to promote synergies between sectors and between Horizon2020, structural funds, public-private national and regional Investments.
ScanBalt Business Club Event: Healthy Ageing Campus Match Making during ScanBalt Forum 2014 8th to 10th Oct Groningen.

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What is Bio Economy? See short animation here.

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