ScanBalt Health Region (SBHR)

The EU Commission adopted the “EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region” on October 29 2009 together with a detailed Action Plan.

The Action Plan specifically indicates a flagship project for the development of the Baltic Sea Region into a globally leading and prosperous "Health Region" using the ScanBalt BioRegion as a model. The flagship is entitled the "ScanBalt Health Region" (SBHR) - Cross-Sectoral and Transnational Projects for Innovation in Health and in Life Sciences".

Download the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the accompanying Action Plan following the links to the left in the menu.  

About ScanBalt Health Region: Cross-Sectoral and Transnational Projects for Innovation in Health and in Life Sciences
The promotion of public health on a high level and the exploitation of modern life sciences are prerequisites for the Baltic Sea Region to become a globally competitive and prosperous macro-region. Furthermore the demographic challenges can only be met in an open innovation market across all sectors of science, technology but also social wellbeing.

The purpose of ScanBalt Health Region is to (1) bundle regional competences within life sciences and health; (2) elaborate, align and integrate smart innovation and development strategies meeting the needs and demands of both metropolitan and rural regions; (3) establish and promote a professional, trans-regional, service based collaboration platform (ScanBalt IBIS = International Business Innovation Support); (4) connect the interests for collaboration and interaction between Priority Areas in the EUSBSR Action plan within health, inno, SME, bio, agri and tourism. Finally ScanBalt Health Region is a platform for enhancing branding and visibility of the Baltic Sea Region in order to attract and retain human, financial and industrial resources.

ScanBalt Health Region is to be regarded as a model for a knowledge-based health and bio economy leading to high added value jobs based on a shared and bottom up developed strategy. Lead: BioCon Valley® GmbH Greifswald (GE), Lithuanian Biotechnology Association (LT) and ScanBalt fmba (DK, BSR); Deadline for progress review: annually

Download the SBHR initial project strategy following the links to the left in the menu. The SBHR project strategy is currently being reviewed and updated.

How ScanBalt Health Region works

The SBHR serves as an umbrella for a multitude of coordinated activities applying to shared visions and values for the development of the region and utilizing a common communication and coordination structure. Otherwise the individual activities acts independently.

This is a bottom-up approach combined with a top-down advisory structure which has been developed, tested and applied for ScanBalt BioRegion since 2001. It ensures specific themes to be dealt with in depths by a multitude of teams and groups, while still referring to an overall strategy and using existing structures. The SBHR Modus operandi is the result of intense dialogue and consultation with key stakeholders throughout the Baltic Sea Region.

SBHR is catalyzed by an open task force headed by BioCon Valley, Lithuanian Biotech Association/Institute of Biotechnology, and ScanBalt® fmba.

Why to join ScanBalt Health Region?
Apply SBHR as a tool to:

- promote a knowledge-based regional Health Economy
- attract coordinated public-private investments
- position you region or institution within the Baltic Sea Region
- promote your projects, activities and ideas
- be part of official EU strategies for the Baltic Sea Region
- utilize existing structures for communication and coordination

The working model ScanBalt BioRegion has a return of investment to the members of more than 10 to 1 since 2001.

How to join ScanBalt Health Region?
To join the SBHR you have to do the following:

- Have an innovative idea related to Health and Health Economy based on cross-border collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region.

- Summarize the idea in a short document, 1-3 pages. Please address the following: (1) Importance and context of your proposal; (2) Specific proposed activities; (3) How the idea relates to the vision, mission and values of the SBHR; (4) Potential partners; (5) Potential financing; (6) Your qualifications.

- Attach your CV and include a list of your publications (if you are a researcher) and forward the documents to the SBHR secretariat, see contact information below.

It is an additional advantage to be a member of ScanBalt as you then get access to the ScanBalt BioRegion infra-structure handled by the not-for-profit association ScanBalt® fmba.

More information on membership of ScanBalt here.

Contact the ScanBalt Health Region Secretariat:
Peter Frank, ScanBalt,, Tel +45 27141078, Skype pfranksb.